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The article refers to an African American man who claims to have been threatened by Christian Cooper in the park. The man's name is Jerome Lockett. Let me be clear: I believe Amy Cooper was absolutely wrong to drag Christian Cooper's race into the issue. However, the WHOLE story is more nuanced than the media let on.

Here is a link to a legal filing by Amy Cooper's lawyers:

Here is an excerpt from this filing:

48. In his May 26, 2020 statement to media, Jerome Lockett wrote:

As a black man, I am not scared of another person because their race or ethnicity, but this man IS threatening with his body language and screaming. I don’t know Amy Cooper at all, I’ve said hello to her because that’s what dog owners do to other owners in the park, but when I saw that video, I thought, I cannot imagine if he approached her the same way

how she may have genuinely been afraid for her life.

She may not be like me willing to physically defend herself or her dog. I understand the optics of this video aren’t great, but people need to understand

this man is a dick and probably did threaten her. You can read his Facebook post where he tells the world he told her “you’re not gonna like what I’m

going to do next.” That’s a threat. And she has no idea if this man is pulling out a knife, a gun, or a treat that (sic) laced with a rat poison. If I wasn’t who I was, I would of called the police on that guy too.

Sure, we’re breaking the rules by having our dogs off leash in a park that has 80% of its area off-leash hours, but that gives that guy no authority to accost

people in such manner.

My two fellow dog owners have had similar situations with this man, but don’t feel comfortable coming forward because they’re white. They think they’ll be seen as some “Karen” or whatever. I obviously don’t

have that fear. I am a liberal man who voted for Barack, Bernie, and Bernie again. I’ll be voting for Biden as he’s the lesser of two evils. I’m not

some right wing nut job trying to push an agenda.

I just think it’s unfair and uncool how the world is pushing their own agenda with this story. Not

everyone has a personal experience like this so I get it because of the optics, but I beg you guys to please publish my words. This is not the story we all


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